Great Products

Here are a few products that I have found to be very useful. If you are in the market, I would highly recommend any of them for anyone with or without a post-polio disability…


 1. Travel Johns

Very handy items for when one is out and about and a convenient bathroom is not available…

2.  Bose Mini-Speaker

Love this little speaker that projects a big, full sound. It fits in anywhere at home and is also great to take on trips–fits right into one’s suitcase.


3. Rubber Threshold Ramp

Very safe, very stable. It’s important to do a careful measure and internet search to purchase exactly the right height for your space.

4. Braun Hand Blender

It’s size makes blending and chopping foods so much easier.

5. Easy Eggwich

OMG! Makes a perfect egg in one minute. If you like your eggs on an English muffin, this is the cooker for you! f935239b46c79be455da0b03688ca304ccAnd it’s so easy to handle.

6. Electric Coffee Grinder

If you like freshly ground coffee, this is a durable and easy to use product. Lasts for years!

7. Electric Pepper Grinder

Prevents wear and tear on one’s hands.

Fresh ground pepper is the best…


8. Light-Weight Frying Pan

So very useful–easy to lift and easy to clean!

9. Plastic Cutting Board

These are much lighter than the old wooden cutting boards and more sanitary too. If you get the right size, they can fit on top of a drawer that is pulled out in the kitchen and serve as a mini-counter top!

10. Hand-Friendly Scissors

I have a pair and use them all the time!

11. Pride Travel Scooter

Great for travel because it can disassemble and be put in the trunk of your car.

Click on the picture….









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This is just a starter list of great products!

Do you have any favorite merchandise you’d be willing to describe?  

Your handy tips can help others live better and live it up!

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    Thanks, Sunny!

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