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P.S. To shop for disability aids, click here…Making Life Easier

P.P.S. To find books on disability, click here…Keys to Understanding

P.P. S. S. To find books on polio, click here…Publications on Polio and Polio’s Late Effects

P.P.P. S.S.  To discover what’s out there to read on aging gracefully, click here...Growing older and better

One More:  To learn more about caring for elder friends, lovers, parents, and spouses, click here…the fine art of caregiving



…And check this out…


Amazon has a new program whereby .5% of all your purchases can be donated to one of over a million public charitable organizations, including PHI. Simply go to www.smile.amazon.com, log in, choose “Post-Polio Health International Inc” as your preferred charity, and shop as you normally would. More details here.

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