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germany presentation

After a presentation in Germany.

I enjoy speaking to groups of all sizes and will consider opportunities as they arise. Topics I present on include:

  • Spirituality and Disability
  • Insights from our post-polio role models (wise elders) on how to live well into later life
  • Living well with polio
  • Wellness retreats and programming for people with a post-polio disability
  • My toughest post-polio challenges–then and now
  • The topic of interest to your group
    sunny spirit

    Ready for a presentation at the Post-Polio Wellness Retreat in Big Bay, Michigan; September 2015.

    Feel free to contact me to discuss possibilities…

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Are you looking for a staff writer or a ghost writer?  I can help you with this!   I offer editing services as well.  I have woman writing and thinkingtaught composition and written professionally for many years.  I can lighten your workload.

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Feel free to email me at or fill out the contact form above if you have any questions, tips, suggestions, guest post ideas, requests and so on.  

All are appreciated!



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